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SEGIN POWER is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of Power Supplies. We offer a line of high voltage power supplies and LED Lighting power modules. Our high voltage power supplies span from 500V to 5KV with ultra stable outputs and are the cost effective solution for OEM and standalone applications. We also offer a family of Constant Current LED power modules providing an efficient and versatile solution for LED lighting applications.

High Voltage Power Supplies
Segin High Voltage power supplies are designed to provide ultra stable performance in a range of configurations. Configurations include Low Noise PMT Supplies, Ultra .... Read more >>>>


LED Power Supplies
Segin LED power supplies are designed to provide efficient and versatile solutions for LED lighting applications. Our product line includes Miniature Supplies, High Current ..... Read more >>>>


  • Segin News
    December 1, 2013

    Segin Power introduces the UBC series High Voltage power supplies in compact metal enclosure.